14 Mayıs 2010 Cuma

ACI PIRINC - Anatolian Spaghetti Western

Turkish Cult presents Turkish Anatolian Western classic ACI PIRINC from 1972.

Girls come for working rice fields with full of hopes, full of problems, full of every year. A new and beautiful girl Aisha (Melek GORGUN) comes for working and Rancher Omar (Erol TAS) and his psychopath son want same girl for marrying. At the same time a fugitive (Salih GUNEY - Kaptan SWING)comes that land with lots of gun man who follow of him.

Aisha meets with that mysterious boy and she feels in love deeper but bosses of the land wont let them for leaving easilier ...

At this Turkish style western you will find a lot of Peckinpah style editing technics, savage scenes and famous western melodies on background such as WILD BUNCH, BULLET FOR GENERAL ...etc

BONUS CONTENT : THIS ORIGINAL RELEASE TURKISH VCD will be send with an English subtitled DVD for foreigner watchers and also 2 lobby prints of movie as you have seen on pic as a gift pack



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