26 Aralık 2009 Cumartesi

HAMAL - Turkish Gore Drama

Turkish Cult presents a secret wild gore drama classic HAMAL - THE COOLIE from 1976.

A poor cooile worker Yusuf (Irfan ATASOY a.k.a Tony Tiger and the man as Superman in Kilink movies) works hard to buy a car to give a better life his daughter (Semiha YANKI) and his son. He gets everything to drive the car for earn money... diploma, driving licence and money by working too hard.

When the day is the day he goes to the bank with his daughter to get whole money for buy the car. But there is unwelcome guests who waiting for in the bank too. Savage Robbers will suffer em the hell ...

The Time is Chase, Turture, Rape and The Vendetta Time for poor people.

At this drama you will find a lot of Lsd cam lookings and surprising scenes as an extraordinary looking from 70's Turkish Cinema.

BONUS CONTENT : THIS ORIGINAL RELEASE TURKISH VCD will be send with an English subtitled DVD (also includes orginal theatrical trailer and Semiha Yanki's 1975 music video as bonus features) for foreigner watchers as a gift pack



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