26 Aralık 2009 Cumartesi

GUNAH - Turkish Erotic Drama

Turkish Cult presents director Cetin INANC's (Turkish Star Wars, Turkish Jaws ..etc ) erotic drama classic GUNAH - THE SIN from 1974.

When beautiful lady Oya (Arzu OKAY) lost her pilot lover gets in a depressive mood and she decides to leave city. But her psycho follower Kenan (Tugay TOKSOZ) still watch her. He gets marry that kills her young sister and when Oya got this news decides to back the town to get sister's vengeance but she be raped by Kenan in train.

At this erotic thriller you will watch 70's Turkish Cinema Turkish Erotic Star Arzu OKAY

BONUS CONTENT : THIS ORIGINAL RELEASE TURKISH VCD will be send with English subtitled DVD for foreigner watchers and a Turkish Erotic Era lobby card print as a gift pack

DVD's visual quality is better as contrast and colors than trailer.



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