26 Aralık 2009 Cumartesi

BATTAL GAZI GELIYOR - Turkish Epic Action

Turkish Cult presents Turkish Cult Star Cuneyt ARKIN's full speed epic action classic SAVULUN BATTAL GAZI GELIYOR from 1973.

Old Anatolian Dynasty Battal Ghazi (Cuneyt ARKIN)lefts the dynasty and his sword to his son for living in peace his last days. When Black Knight ( Kazim Kartal ) heard a young and unexperienced Turk's getting Dynasty of Anatolia he decides to attack Anatolia to blast their biggest enemies. Black Knight gets Holy Sister Maria's help to get together best and wildest crusaders for this mission.

When young Battal came back to his village, he finds as his father's be kidnapped, his sisters be raped and be crucified by Black Knight's crusaders... He decides to get world's biggest vengeance one by one of all crusaders.

At this epic action you will find a lot of Arkin style action scenes and Natuk Baytan's steady cams from 70's Turkish Cinema.

BONUS CONTENT : THIS ORIGINAL RELEASE TURKISH VCD will be send with an English subtitled DVD for foreigner watchers and also 2 lobby prints of movie as you have seen on pic.

Also the lobby prints on the pic will be send with orginal VCD as a gift pack



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