25 Aralık 2009 Cuma

AC KURTLAR - Anatolian Spaghetti Western

Turkish Cult presents "Ugly" King Yilmaz GUNEY's Anatolian Western classic AC KURTLAR - STARVING WOLVES from 1969.

In a far village of Southern Eastern Anatolia, new rancher Omer makes a HIT LIST to hunt for all bandits to get his father's vengeance. He says "Who comes with those bandits head I'm gonna pay ....

"Infidel" Mustafa 10.000 bucks!

"Black" Aziz 7000 bucks!

Beko Avni 7000 bucks!

"Bold" Omer 4000 bucks!

"Sparrow" Memed 3000 bucks!"

One day a tall and dark skinned man with no name (Yilmaz Guney) comes to village with the head of one of the bandits on hit list and he starts to wait other bandits at his ice house. Bandits will call him as "Azrael"

The time is Vendetta Time to wash the snow by blood.

This B/W Anatolian Western a kind of complitation of Sergio Leone's For a Few Dollars More, Fistful of Dolars and Sergio Corbucci's classic Great Silence with lots of gun action. You can listen easilier Ennio Morricone's Extacy of Gold themes on background during whole movie.

BONUS CONTENT : THIS ORIGINAL RELEASE TURKISH VCD will be send with an English subtitled DVD for foreigner watchers and an orginal photo - embroidery of Turkish "Ugly" King - Yilmaz Guney as a gift pack



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